Wednesday, July 05, 2006

We are Rude!!!

Ever since the Reader's Direct came out with the surver on rudenss we have been jumping up and down about it, the point being it that Malaysians are rude, like it or not thats a fact. Exactly how rude we are as compared to others is hardly the point. It doesn’t really matter whether we are the third rudest or the 31st rudest.

Teachers being beaten up by student, MMS of students fighting, bullying, road rage..and the list goes on and on. Juz coz a widely circulated magazine puts us on the map we all jump up and down.

I did read the Reader’s Digest edition and its methodology and I think its a pity that it did not include road courtesy. If it had, then we would really have been in trouble. It’s the same thing with elevators. Malaysians rush into an elevator before the people inside can get out. Same go to LRT and the rest.

Whe it comes to roads, we have the classic road hogs, lane hoppers and queue jumpers and if you ever happen to be courteous behaviour and permit a car to go first, you should not expect any gesture to acknowledge your courtesy.

Dont let me get started when it come to supermarkets and schools. Sigh!!! in the end We are Malaysians!!!

In hindsight we can say we are all not like that but there are some like that. What to do....

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