Wednesday, July 05, 2006

World Cup - Semi 1

What a mouth watering tie, I cam back from my outstation trip, sleep or no sleep, tired or not tired this was a game worth watching. 3am I awoke

I was rooting for the Italians (something about the every 12 year cycle of making it to the finals got me going). It was a pulsating game. Italians were flying all over Germany and had them on the back foot. 2nd half the Italians slowed down but they were not afraid of the Germans attacking. I salute the back 4 of the Italians especially Canavaro who showed what an outstanding defender he is, along with Materazzi (standing in for Nesta), Zambrotta and Grosso stodd firm and if any there was a threat, (the world best keeper in my opinon) GG Buffon (corny name aint it) was up to the task.
0-0 full time

Open 5 minutes of extratime the Italians struck the post twice!! talk about hot game. The the game seemingly heading to penalties with 3 minutes left,..... a penalty shoot-out, Grosso fired Italy into the lead. I was jumping for joy coz I won a BET but it was an awesome shot that Lehmann, could do nothing to keep out the curler ... then came the celebration. Shades of 1982 Marco Tadeline (the Rakyat World Cup) celebration as he ran celebrating eyes open screaming with joy.

Then came the 2nd and not one else better to score it.....with a speedy Italian breakaway ended with apass into the path of Del Piero. The striker’s finish was nothing short of perfect, with the ball sent arcing into the postage stamp corner. Elvis has left the building mates and I won a bet (Finally)

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