Wednesday, July 05, 2006

World Cup - Quarterfinals - Review

Well the quarterfinals came and gone

Germany vs Argentina
A classic game, Germany was played out by Argentina but they hung on. Pekerman in my opinion did a tactical mistake by taking out 2 of his penalty kickers and not bringing on Messi, Pity they would have been a nice inclusion in the Semi but lost to Germany on Kicks

England vs Portugal
With heartbreak suffered at every penalty shootout at every major competition and again at almost every major competition, England produces an idiot to get a red card. While I admire the English players with the exception of Hawgraves and Ashley Cole the rest did not deserve to be there. Portugal did well and they progressed.

Brazil vs France
What can I say, when you dont play to perform and your coach dont play you to your strengths you WILL LOSE!!! From day one Brazil have not improved only again Japs when the replacement showed the beautiful game. France did well and deserve to go in.

Italy vs Ukraine
Did not bother to watch, knew it was a one sided game. Ukraine are a good team well much betetr the Malaysia but not good enough for this stage

The idiot of the World Cup Award goes Wayne Rooney, protege or not this guy it the idiots of all idiots. Can someone spank his ass

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