Thursday, July 27, 2006

My best badminton performance

I have always believed in doing my best and an improved performance in my activities week in and week out.

Its been 6 months of almost weekly foray into the badminton courts, I was invited by Jen to join his group of badminton...being a little sceptical as I had not held a racquet for over many years, also it was a good way for me to get back on my feet and my fitness.

Once a week seem quite good for me so I went to be a racquet at Care4 at 50 ringgit only, coz I am not gonna waste my time investing on a 200$ racquest without being able to last. RM 40 investment on a power shoe and there I was week after week. Sometime missing it due to work or trips. My main goal was to improve.

Last night was my best performance on the court, so much so I knew I was flying, it was not a perfect game but I could control my shuttle, my drives my lobs and I was all over the court. The uncles who play at the court praised my game and Jen also said I am the most improved.

I am happy at that but still I wont let it go to my head, week after week I want to improve my technique, my game, my match fitness. My backhand which was always my weakest part of the game surprisingly, I over came it but not trying to force the shuttle to their offensive but use my strength in cross court drop and shorter strokes catching them off guard. I played with different partners and even I was like ok time to give someone else a chance to play, they asked my to join them for the next set. I was so elated.

This would be a benchmark performance which not I have to over come week after week. I SMS Jen that night to thank him and how hapi I was that bugger wanted 5 bachelor nite as repayment hahaha Up urs Jen

After the best session of badminton, I earned a session of chilly frog legs as a reward for me efforts on the court.

Patting my own back....well done vadai.... now for bedminton hahaha

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