Friday, July 07, 2006

Superman Returns (2006) - Epilogue

DC Comics gave up so much that the loyal superman follower would be asking serious questions of them. I would, I am dissapointed wiht the strength of the movie

Then there is the problem with the story. So let's see if we can get this straight. Superman disappears for five years and then Lex goes to jail for five years but gets out long enough to meet and marry and pleasure a dying old woman to then steal her fortune so that he can then go back to Superman's fortress and steal the secrets he needs to take over the world. RIGHT! Kawabunga

Is it really that hard to figure out that Clark and Superman returned at the same time?

You're talking about reporters here. People who uncover the truth for a living. And they can't piece together the physical similarities of their look and their physique and the auspicious timing of both of their returns? Duh!!

The reason for his disappearance is lame. The plot by Lex to take over the world is terrible

There was also a terribly attempt to introduce his super-son. Once we find out that he can throw a piano, is it really too much to ask to have him break the door down?

The film is supposed to be a bridge between the second and the present. But there are too many plot holes to accomplish that simple task. And that takes away the credibility of the movie. And if you just don't believe what you are being fed, then there isn't much point to the film.

Not all is bad. I have to admit that at the beginning when John Williams iconic theme blasts over the speakers, I got chills just like when I was a kid. No more "Up! Up! and Away!!!". And the airplane rescue scene is actually breathtaking, especially when it lands on a baseball diamond. Also fun is one brief line when you hear that Superman has been spotted all over the world, including Gotham City, I was being hilarious with Commander that Batman and his utility belt has gone for a vacation....ROTFLMAO

I didn't hate Superman Returns. I just didn't like it all that much. I did laugh and want to cheer in some parts, but more times than not, I wanted it to end. Kevin Spacey Saved the day!!!


Lana Lane said...

hmmm maybe you expecting SUPERMAN to outdo others like a child would hehehe...which made you miss the 'emotional sutlenes'and his fight against his own needs and wants.

Lex got out because the key witness - superman and he was not around. Superman needed to find his roots to know and feel where he was born-soul searching trip la.- that was his human side- a gift Jor El wanted his only son to experience. (hear the voice or Marlon Brandon- what he says)

Is it really that hard to figure out that Clark and Superman returned at the same time?
(hints are being dropped ppl are suspecting he is superman- when Kent speaks of numbers being cordination-what was Richards expression. When Lois forgot where she put her recorder and superman reminded her- what was the look on her face knowing only Kent knew it.why was richard comparing kent's and superman's height and weight?)

Super-son does not know he is super- he is a sickly boy who is on strict rejiment of medication and food - he is too young and fragile to know and handle the power and responsibility that comes with it. he unleashed his power in anger and trying to protect his mother. he did not open the door immediately but did try later when he saw his mother crying.

Who saved the day - Richard. he is a mere mortal facing with a fact his wife is in love with superman- how can he even compare?Yet his love support and commitment to his family turns him into a 'Superman'.

hey Superman has just returned give him a break...let him settle in and lets see how he takes off.

from a close source who worked in warner brothers - this movie has been on hold for more than 5 years as they wanted to find someone who looked like a young Christopher Reeves - and original script was to have in the movie itself. How can any of us leave the movie and not remember Reeves - he is still Superman to all of us for the life he lived.

darthvadai said...

well said lana, well I almost like bushwacked but your right in ur opinon.
Thats what movie commenting is about, opinions are there that one must agree to disagree but I truly appreciate the effort to take the time to comment here.

Keep it up

Anonymous said...

Lana oh Lana, I am blown away, can I take you to dinner and discuss bout Super-man and other topics

Lana Lane said...

hi Anonymous - sure anytime -i love movies. after dinner will you take me flying as well...hehehe...
get my number from Vadai

Angie said...

I like this movie la... the spandex turns me on la...

darthvadai said...

lana i sure hope Anonmyous got the guts to post the number I am curious too

Angie - get ant to wear spander outsdie la