Friday, July 07, 2006


Well the weekend is here and on a Friday the pace is furious

Things to be done

IT procurement and deployment of 2 desktops and 2 laptops for distribution monday
Migration of data form one laptop to another
Systems backup
Walking around with $$$$$ in the pocket to buy these things

Jnr Vadai buzzing me what time I will reach Klang, gonna take him for movie and the park
Sat take him relative visiting, he has been yearning for that....

Sunday - once in 4 years its the Wrold Cup Finals a fairytale ending for both teams the French ageing gladiators on a swan song or the Tainted Local league that has blown to a full scandal that the team has come together to overcome and play a superb back 4. Canavaro just outstanding We shall see....I be in my place watchig it live


Angie said...

Enjoy ur weekend dude! say hi to Jnr Vadai ya...

ToothingJob said...

Hey Vadai,

Im in france at the moment, been very tired & some problems with the immigration. I think you know why.

Things are ok, my company here is pretty cool & grown to 11 people. We are soon to have another office in Paris.

Hope you have a good party & my apologies for not making it.


darthvadai said...

Angie - thanks, let ant recover will ya

tooth - long itme no see man, cest lie vie.... Hows the atmosphere in France wiht the WC finals

No wories

ToothingJob said...

the crowd is in kehl, germany for now, while the beer still flows.

tomorrow, there are many many wide screens & projectors in the city.

the mood is really building up. Today Some guy dressed as a girl ask me to act like an italian & tried to (soccer) tackle me with a small ball.

girls on the street were going crazy for this as well.

I think its going to be massive when France wins the cup.

TJ, reporting from strasbourg, the capital of europe.

Angie said...

Haha TJ u r so funny!!! Enjoy urself in france... pretty tall babes i think...

Hey Vadai!!! Wat Ant recover???!! I didnt rape him ok... its vice versa! Let me recover!!!