Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Futsal - Monday July 18

It was great step into the turf having missed futsal over the past 2 week for various reasons, despite arriving from my vacation at 5.3am, catching 2 hours of sleep b4 headin to the office and after office to the court can be quite challanging. That me, playing with Heart!!!

The amount of weight I have put on in the past 2 weeks and on vacation drove me to this. By the time we started we had a surplus number of people 15 to be exact. So we played survival style, 5 on 5 and have 2 goals scored against you and ur team is out and the next team comes in.

WE played out hearts out knowing that losing mean we have to sit out while the other team comes in. We played with heart and there are time we win and times we lose, at one point we were on a 2 game streak during which I took a close range shot into my face causing my to be stunned for a few minutes earning a scar just near my eye. Such is the game, the consolation we won that match!!!... Yeehaaaaaa


Anonymous said...

kesian vadai

darthvadai said...

dun kesian me