Tuesday, July 18, 2006

July 13 Badminton / Unsolicited advise

Badminton was awesome today, returning to the court after a 3 week layoff the last week did not go to an injury I picked up on my shoulder. What I lacked in stamina I made up for it with heart, my drop and smashes were good, my cross court in short It was one of my best games so far. Commie dropped by to pass my the digital camera. I came back home exhausted but very very hapi

During the day I received an sms that kind of disturbed me. A fren who I have known for sometime decided to evaluate me (as if I asked) on the status of a caring fren. It called into question where I was in my life and the fact the O&G market is on a VSS mode and I had slumped into a lull and complacent (hard to quote exact words but the gist of it is like this) and was not like what I was before.

I was like WTF. Carl Sagan said "
We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers." Were there questions of courage or blind attack, unsolicited unprovoked.

To me I evalute the questioneer simply by this principal. How well do you know me aqnd my life? How well do you know my job? How well do you know my life and what I go thru in my life to judge me? What is it you see that others who are also my frens do not? How come only you see it?

Being a fren is welcomed but it had its boundries, being a fren does not give you the right to blast someone in their face or by phone or by sms just coz you think and assume what that person is. It becomes a sick joke expecially when you do this stunt as you shoot your self in the foot.

Anyway the foot is in the wrong mouth.

An advise, never think you know everything about a person to blast that perons in the name of care or concern or watever, always 2 sides to a coin, you may end up with you foot in your mouth