Monday, July 31, 2006

Saturday With the Birthday Boy

Lazing around the hse the Birthday boy drag me for lunch at Avenue K nice place to have lunch and very economical. Finally lunch was at 2.30pm after he spent a good amout of out time there at Toy-R-Us.

Now Toy-R-Us are a big place but this fella stick to one section only...No prizes for guessing which section. TRANSFORMERS!!

What do I do while waiting past lunch, ronda-ronda the place twice then take pics of him at his happy land for my blog hahaha Hungry Ready mau makan....!!!

This is one man's love for Transformers and he is not alone

An got movie coming out somemore!!!! I only love Generation 1

Autobots vs Decepticons....Optimus Prime vs Megatron


marie said...

he was checking the toys out so that u could buy them for him la vadai!! didnt u get the hint? heheh... why do u think he brought u there in the 1st place...heheh

oOo transformers is my favorite cartoon too... cant wait for the movie!!!

darthvadai said...

yayaya he wishes hahaha