Monday, July 17, 2006

Sat with Jnr Vadai

I always make the effort to go back to PK when even the opportunities clears even in the darkest hours because of Jnr Vadai. He is in a stage of his life where he began to see the bigger picture. Again he stumble on to sdome chicken rice on his visit to the house and gobbled it up

There were a few issues to handle among which a close one who want to throw away a marriage of almost 20 years based on some run of bad timing or emotion and ill advise from people.

Then I got an aunt thats turning 70 over the coming weekend and get block form attending to be politicially correct.

Then I got an uncle who is having PMS and an aunt that confides in me. Sigh

Still it always to have Jnr in my arms. Miss and love him always. He got a few school activities coming up, a camping trip and a holiday trip. Must make sure he goes for it. Having grown up not being able to afford to go for thing, for a 5 year old not to go would be a crime coz. This is his childhood and his growing up time.

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