Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday - Low Yatt, Walking Center of the road in Jln Bukit Bintang

When I went IT shopping with cash in my wallet was the day of the World Cup Finals, went to buy a couple of desktop and laptop and some accessories. After placeing the order, sitting outsdie having a nice beer and lunch ( refer to night b4 at commie place) we decided to take a walk, Bukit Bintang was being turned into a Giant Street Party

Me and Commie went walking in the center of the road in JBB and it was awesome the way they turned it around, setting up the props and all.

We had awesome fun touring the place and in some pics u can see commie in his bodyguard outfit.

I must record this. Commander in his 3/4 pants and dark glasses can look pretty intimidating as my body guard in the shop. Where ever I went he was looking over my shoulder, even when I tried to shake him off there he was again. Commander can offer himself as a full time bodyguard.

So we are leaving the place came across this unique sign which I stopped the car and must take pic moment lol. The main road JBB was closed to traffic so we had to take the back lanes and we were laughing out socks off when we saw this sign. All the Ah moi take the night off to watch wrold cup ah??? or no business bankrupt?

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