Tuesday, July 18, 2006

July 11 Tues - Missing meeting frens - 1 year on the job,

Tues Jul 11 marked the 1 year I been with my new place; it was a great feeling as me and another girl were the pioneer group for this company and looking down 1 year ago how much we have achieved as a company and as an individual to move forward. As a treat we both had a cake.

I know I have done well and progressed, I have grown in product knowledge and even had company paid trips to Goa for training and holiday, Singapore for due diligence and possibly in Sept to California.

Lets see where I am in another year.

Sometime due to my job and the numerous juggling that I do I miss hanging out wiht me frens, going out clubing with them or meeting them on a regular basis like before, many factors, work family, finance comes to play when. I hope thing will turn around and I get to meet them more.

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