Saturday, September 30, 2006

Buka Puasa & The Bet

Friday - By the time I had arrived there it was too late, after it was buka puasa time since traffic was a bit heavy so most of the food had dissapeared from the trays. For those who have not been to buka puasa buffets, usually people come early to take their food and wait for the buka puasa time hence if you are late, most of the nice stuff is gone. So don't be late....

Talking bout food, there was ayam masak merah, beef sambal, fried grilled fish, various ulams and gulai nangka. The kuih spread was awesome....burp!!! The Nasi kerabu was mouth wateringcontinous flow of syrup got I had teh Halia pun... It was nice to see Jules, Azman & gang and especially Veni, I miss this bunch, Veni like over 4 years and I finally got her number again.

After the dinner feeling very very VERY full lol...

So after buka puasa (yummyyyyyy) I was heading home when Commie buzzed me to come to Beach and offer to buy me a drink, incidently XXiee and Comie had a bet going if I would show up. Ironically Commie betting I would not come kept smsing me to come and keep him company, XXiee however was betting I would show up. In the end XXiee won and I inherited a bottle of beer. After a while I went to sit on the stage and kept being bumped, hit on and danced around. I guess Commie was jelouse as his 1st GRO encounter ended up giving him a heart attack. Ah moi was dancing with the Ah Beng and the way both of them dancing hand the dance floor had to clear wakakakaka

Still I think the best fun was had by me and Commie. Hey I won a free bottle of beer. Probably should bring Azman and Veni here after the festivals with Raven and a few new kaki.

Oh yeah Sample of head banging

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