Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Old Speckled Hen

Old Speckled Hen is a strong fine ale named after an unusual, speckled vintage MG car. The ale is brewed by Morland, a small brewery with longstanding connections with the town of Abingdon, the home of MG. The ale is a finely balanced, deliciously smooth pale ale with a subtle blend of flavours. It owes its distinctive character to a unique strain of yeast first used in 1896, and reflects brewing skills developed across more than 280 years of independent brewing history.

Equally distinctive adverts regularly appear in the UK press based on an "Old Fox" who is fond supping a "Hen"! They are clearly fun but with a subtle purpose of creating a brand awareness by association with the humourous situations involving a "Hen" and by raising our awareness of the distinctive label incorporating the red octagon. That label is very noticeable on both bottles and beer pumps in bars that stock Speckled Hen.

So here I was having a beer and was intrigued, we went to Finegans and tried a wide assortment of beer and this one was one of the best. Hey it was free who am I to complain.... my 2 Glasses hahahaha heaven!!!

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