Tuesday, September 19, 2006

One Tree Hill is BACK!!!

Yeah, I know...another One Tree Hill review from me you think, but what can I say... it is my guilty pleasure.

The Characters

We still have all the same main characters from last season, plus a few new additions to the cast. As for the regular characters, here is a rundown...

Lucas Scott played by Chad Michael Murray (A Cinderella Story, Freaky Friday) is the son of Dan Scott and Karen Roe. A basketball player at Tree Hill High with his half brother Nathan.

Nathan Scott played by James Lafferty (Annabelle's Wish) is the son of Dan Scott and Deb Scott. Also a basketball player at Tree Hill High. Husband to Haley James.

Dan Scott played by Paul Johansson (The Notebook, John Q)is still the mean, selfish ignorant....well you get the point... Husband to Deb Scott. Owns a car dealership.

Deb Scott played by Barbara Alyn Woods (Striptease) is the wife of Dan Scott. She is more involved in the story this season than during season one. She does not get along with her husband and would like to get out of his grip.

Keith Scott played by Craig Sheffer (A River Runs Through It) is the older brother of Dan Scott. He is a big part of the story this season... but I wouldn't want to ruin that for you now would I?

Peyton Sawyer played by Hilarie Burton (TRL on MTV) is still the same misunderstood girl she was before, but with more confusion and complication.

Haley James played by Bethany Joy Lenz (Thinner) is wife to Nathan Scott. She is a budding musician in pursuit of her dreams.

Brooke Davis played by Sophia Bush (Van Wilder) has matured more since season one and is a very different character than she once was. Sort of a sad character trying to find her way, she guards her heart so that she won't be hurt.

Karen Roe played by Moira Kelly (The Lion King) is the mother of Lucas Scott. She owns a restaurant called Karen's Cafe and also a club called Tric.

Whitey Durham played by Barry Corbin (The Dukes of Hazzard) is the coach of the Tree Hill basketball team. He tries to help the younger generations of the story find their way when they get lost.

There is also the addition of a few new characters this season, here I will introduce them....

Anna Taggaro played by Daniella Alfonso (As The World Turns) is the neighbor of Brooke Davis. She becomes good friends with Peyton Sawyer and Lucas Scott. But, the girl has a secret....

Felix Taggaro played by Michael Copon (Rumble) is the brother of Anna Taggaro. He is a player with the ladies.

Andy Hargrove played by Kieren Hutchison (Sea of Fear) is the professor of Karen Roe.

Jules played by Maria Menounos (Fantastic Four) is the love interest of Keith Scott. She plays a large part in the story this season.

Jake Jaglieski played by Bryan Greenberg (Prime) is a basketball player for the Tree Hill High team. He has a daughter named Jenny. Peyton has an interest in him as more than a friend.

Nikki played by Emmanuelle Vaugier (Secondhand Lions, Saw II) is the mother of Jenny (Jake's daughter). She disappeared after Jenny was born and now wants her daughter.

Chris Keller played by music artist Tyler Hilton is friends with Haley James and encourages her to pursue acting. He is a troublemaker.

The Story
The story has changed alot from what it was in season one, and it does not revolve so much around basketball as it did. This season is more about relationships as they evolve and change. It is about hurt, friendship, love and loss. Ding ding ding

Why This Show is Nice
This is a show that you can get swept up in. The characters go through so many things that each of us feel every day. It is a show that reveals the loss that people have to face in their lives, and also the greatness that life can bring.

As it was in season one, the music in season two is great, if not even better.

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