Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hapi Sunday Nights

A latest drama series by Ng Ping Ho, who produced Kopitiam, Each Other, Getting Together & Table for Two before = 5 persons 1 dream, reality singing competition.

After my blasting of Malaysia's Most Beautiful and the crap reality based shows that came out after that, I felt truly refreshed over the past 3 Sunday to watch a TV show on 8TV

Firstly One Tree Hill is back ( I blog that later) 2nd is Realiti - The 10-episode series is the work of Popiah Picture's producer Anne Low and director Ng Ping Ho(Kopitiam).Realiti focuses on what takes place behind the scenes. The idea behind the show is to bring out the fact that there is so much drama behind reality shows,” said 8TV chief executive officer Ahmad Izham Omar after the launch of the series recently."“The series looks at the pressure and conflicts faced by the contestants and budding friendship that happen in real life.

I am awestruck at the depth of this TV series (not comparing to overseas production but this is Malaysian)... it takes a serious look behind the scenes fomr not only the participants, the realities of their lives, the past that comes to haunt them, the coaches dillema, the hounding sometime heartless press... its topclass, on the very 1st episode, one contestant sabotage another to get her out of the competition. Class act!!

Worthy watch!!

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