Friday, September 29, 2006

The week thus far

Skipping badminton and fustal coz of my knee had cause me to pile in the pounds as the gastrict is hittting my thru the medication and gaviscon does not help, I have to take in food.

Tuesday was a blast as I met Jeya after a long time after a dinner semi interview, while it was nice to catch up on all times it was also prudent to know what the real objectives was. A job!!! or rather part time job lol. I would not mind being her body guard lol. I had to thank xxxie for direction for Portugese food but in the end it was a cosy western dinner and a brief chat bout the task at hand. Lovely company, free from the shackles and probing question letting live my life my way. I learn a hockey team mate of mind had dies of an overdose a few days ago and that hit me like a rock. Giva was a nice guy but I would never learns why he did what he did and the bugger was supposed to get married in Jan. Go Figure!!!

Wednesday after a buka puasa session we adjourned, my knee was killing me so I took a jab to relief, the inflamtion keeps coming up. I received a shock news a a fren;s kid was in hosp but when I come to realize why I understood. Kidds at that age then to put their hand everywhere and put things in the mouth which can lead to a virus attack. A chatter named Jedi had come down, I skipped. A couple of chatter went to meet as I stayed at home nursing my knee.

Thursday SOS at work - same old shit. The biggest difficulties at work is trying to chaggne people ot owrk in a system, expecially new staff and dayly I been growing white hair in trying to shape. Like it or not it lands on my head as I handle the tenders the quotes and the back office. I stopped by Citibank and bought some kuih for buka puasa and headed home. (Pics to follow

I had a facination for watching from Tamil movies at home and feasted my self to "Aathi Parasakti" "Karnan" & "Minsara Kanavu". Got at sms to joing a fren for a mamak in KLCC, skipped it, weather they belived the reason why I skipped it or not did not matters.

Time to hit the sack, to hell with poeple that assume.

Friday - Buka Puasa Corporate
Saturday - Buka Puasa
Sunday - Swimming Pool


Svejjen said...

WAH.... got part time job for ME or not????


darthvadai said...

Chief I should be getting a job from you