Monday, September 25, 2006

Jnr Vadai Concert 2006 - the pics

Jnr Vadai concert passed successfully with him taking more responsibility which he did not shy away from. Last year it was the wild jungle thingy this year the class did a Kong Fu show with he taking the lead in Welcoming the guest with his class mate and the flag section to the theme of Wong Fei Hung, he also with his team the the nan-chuk stick session.

Its nice to watch kids in action, yeah he was practicing hours before the show both on the routine and then speech and had the jitters and spotted a fever the night before, he was so excited in the morning.

He was having the time of his life and I let him be, after all they are kids, let them play and have fun, before and after his performance. Instead of parents fussying around their kids and getting in the teachers way who works hard to get the show together.

I was proud of him, as any parent who watch their kids that day, it lovely and heck he still got one more year. Bonus is they get to do this again for a charity concert.

For me as long he is happy that all matters.

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Anonymous said...

watching the pics - looks like the younger version of Vadai .....check out the actions can Vadai pics we can see with the hands coming out directing the camera enjoy watching him grow and reflect your childhood through his eyes.