Saturday, September 23, 2006

My Saturday

Someone please let me take a stop off of this train and sit for a quiet moment. ....I was at work last Sunday rushing back after Jnr Vadai's Concert..- and I'm working on four different things for the company through out the week with the coming Puasa I have not time....I don't feel that I've got any time to really slow down either so yesterday night out was warranted, rewarding and desperately needed. We jammed at waikiki for me it was for 2 singular reasons, the beer and Bala. Bala is a legendary guitarist that have have not seen enough off and the way he played the guitar all night was awesoem, it was a tonic I needed. A fact me and Com and Scud appreciated generously.

My Sat thus far was and is awesome. The past weekends I been away (20day stretch of muddling around), work, wedding, Klang and frankly was the first weekend in a while where a) I wasn't busy with work or family, and b) wasn't trying to paint the house. (No, I'm not done painting. I'm just sick of it.) So I opted to relax a little bit.

I guess I should be thankful that I have this time. I logged on to my blog to find some idiots decided to have a flashback episode and leave some unfavourable comments. I just deleted them. I did not confront them I did not yell at them I just moved on. If there are so called friend who want to snipe, let me be la, chilll get your own blog.

As I sat thru watching "The Mummy" & "The Mummy Returns" cook noodels for lunch, I did a bit of sewing and hosue keeping.... it was a nice time to reflect, I have kind of noticed some frens have fallen off the radar and I have not kept in touch with them, some have moved on some, like me, just too caught up in work. Maybe we will meet up.

The next few weekend gonna be quite hetic in preparatino for Raya, not like I am celebrating but we have Corporate buka puasa function and I have 2 Birthdays and 1 Death Anniversary to face, the birthdays are kewl.

I had a lovely 45 minute talk with Jnr Vadai who will be performing for a St.John Charity event, he and his buddies form school. Pity there aint free passes but even parents like me wont be attend unless you want to cough up RM250 seats in the house. Even the kids who will be picked up at 8pm provided dinner, perform at 9pm and head back to the drop off zone. Probably talk to him when its over.

It started raining Sat afternoon, I actually sat at the balcony reading a Tom Clancy Book a fren had given to me in the past. The smell the sound of the rain was truly nice. Putting aside the book I leaned out the balcony, felt the rain drops on my face, a nice kodak moment for me. Not wanting too wet, I headed to take a nap... what a lovely sleep. I woke up hungry lol and decided to blog this one out.

I probably go to meet Xxxxie later tonight even if it is with monopoly money lol.. she got a new code name.. and this lady actually dance again.... up there and I was not around to see it. Talk about timing.

Com, I hear you and feel you dude!! Scud, you lucky SOB a frigging SSN??

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