Sunday, September 17, 2006

One Tree Hill - non exclusive dating?? waazzup!!!

Brooke Davis is shown to be a rich, popular and promiscuous head cheerleader at Tree Hill High.She takes a liking to Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray), and starts hitting on him in her usual way. Lucas takes it in stride, and does not feel that Brooke wants to be in a relationship with him--- in the following season, she introduced non-excusive dating, a fact L brought up in an sms, game on!! Good one L.

Negotiating the land mine that is the nonexclusive dating lifestyle is an intricate dance that requires a near-impossible combination of cunning, daring, sensitivity, empathy, graciousness, and discretion. It should not be attempted by amateurs. Experience will tell you that you should never, ever expect that the gent or lady you just had a great date with is seeing you and only you. One must always assume that there is at least one other person lurking about in their bedroom. Wheather they can accept this is another story...

Which brings me to my next point: You'll only be able to avoid the subject for so long, and if asked, you should never lie about it. That's just sleazy. If you're dating online, don't lead anyone on by saying you're looking for a relationship. There are plenty of human being out there out there just looking for a nice meal with a nice guy / Or a hot fuck with a sizzling stud (reality check)

If a fren asks you point blank if you're seeing anyone else, tell the truth, but with as little detail as humanly possible. Dun la read the whole drama. Some poeple will ask. Others won't, either because they don't want to know or they don't really care.

So Game on?? why not

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