Monday, September 25, 2006

Innocence of Kids - Notes to God

Innocence in kids even today we marve at them and sometime the kind of question they ask to adults which sweeps us off our feet. During the times I chat wiht Jnr Vadai, I am often amazed at kids these dat on they way the adapt and understand life.

When I was a child at school back in the seventies and eighties, you didn't get all this doomsday scenario, kidnapping, child abuse, and all the other crap we read in the paper. We live in fear of these tragedies affecting the children of today.

Kids aren't allowed to be innocent and carefree any more - they have to shoulder too many grim burdens way too early. Also I think parents are over-protective of their children nowadays too - as a child was outside playing or riding my bike with my siblings until it got dark, playing in the padang, and no harm ever came to us, nor to any of the kids we knew at school. We hadn't a care in the world, we got fresh air and exercise, & lived in our unpolluted imaginations.

My parents banned me from watching unsuitable grown-up programmes on TV or reading adult newspapers, 'til I was about 45!!! lol. It's true there's more traffic about on the roads now, which makes them more dangerous to play or ride bikes on, but I do believe there are any more perverts, paedophiles or other wierdos about now than there were back then. But that's wandering off topic somewhat, I suppose! Lets smile at the sparks the kids give out!!!

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