Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My merdeka eve with Jnr Vadai

Merdeka came and went and for me it meant another session with Jnr Vadai. There were invited from my KL frens to hang out at Merdeka eve but Jnr Vadai more important and we always try to be together then.

Many a times thru our conversation we had we talk about the upcoming Merdeka bout Malaysia and he is just 5 so the scope of his acceptance is a little limited.. I give thanks, despite the issues and indifferences and unequality, I look at the bright side...despite all the unpleasant happenings around nowadays..still, this is where I'm gonna stay put n would learn to appreciate life as it comes n goes everyday; the reality is it's short.. (I have a png fren to thank for that).

At me age now..., Merdeka day is just another public holiday. I still put up the Malaysian flag off my blacony come August 1st and take it off after Malaysia day(if you do remember when it is), regardless how the politicians harp on issues as stupid as it may seem (lately even so). I put up the flag because this is MY country. The flag is there to remind me and my Jnr that we are MALAYSIANs.

As usualy the kinder that he goes to tought him the national song and he sang it for me. I spend my time with him that weekend. And it was fun. We started off Wed night, he requested for McD so we turun there and he as usualy wanted bits and pieces of everything and dutyfully got him. See how the fella makan, the funny thing with the fella no matter what he doing or eating when you take a pic of him he will come over and see if it is nice or nt... lol

Mc D moments

After dinner we headed to the habour to catch the fireworks display for merdeka. It was worth it and he loved it. A perfect Kodak moment

So we headed back home to catch some sleep I was like dead tired he started fidding with my phone to take come pics and in a way I helped him out

Happy Merdeka.

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Anonymous said...

the last pic, looks like u're the kid and he's the dad protecting his son. Damn cute and touching

It was definately your kodak moments