Friday, September 15, 2006

Jnr Vadai Concert 2006

Time has come around again for children's concert, and for Jnr Vadai he been inviting the whole world to come.

If I only knew how to load a clip here I would show you. He damm happy bout giving the welcome speech and even ask me to record it. what the heck, its fun right. I can relate when Twin Peaks aka XXxie talk about her concert for the kids in her kinde.... For a parent it aint cheap, trust me we fork out for Sport day, Concert day field trips.. not complaing , after all its all for him. Never want a moment for him to be left out when it within the means.

So I leave to Klang now to go and celebrate with him, Hope this time for dinner is not McD lol. I think he know he can get away with it (McD) when I am around. aaaahhhh what the heck lol. A kid need discipline and to have fun too.

So I will come back armed with pics and kodak moments..Here is one from last year held on Oct 1.


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