Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Super Ex-Girlfriend Movie

I cought up wiht L who picked me at KL Sentral for the movie, after a nice dinner we enjoyed the movie... The story is about the guy (Luke Wilson) is coerced into asking a seemingly harmless, pretty young lady (Uma Thurman) out on a first date. Little does he know that she is a vengeful, spiteful, rather overbearing woman masquerading as a normal citizen. Break her heart and she'll break your neck.

Thurman has awesome outfits and is completely believable as the spazzy crazy jealous girlfriend while Luke Wilson is a great timid man. The sex scenes are hilarious, the look on Luke Wilson's face and Uma Thurman's. Luke looks terrified while Uma doesn't even notice.

What carries the film is Uma Thurman's performance. She is fantastic here, winning and sympathetic as a hypersensitive neurotic who is easily devastated. This role could have been flattened were it not for the complete commitment with which Thurman approaches it. Eddie Izzard, as her arch-nemesis Professor Bedlam, also delivers a well-judged performance in another role that toys with superhero convention. Unfortunately, in instances such as when Professor Bedlam begins handing out his business card and dispensing his email address (" All one word"), the movie seems a bit behind the times in its attempt to mock modern culture ( is a URL and not an email address, anyway). Nonetheless, this is one of the better high-concept comedies to appear this year, and it concludes with one hell of a catfight. And everyone loves a good catfight.

L and I had a good share of laughs at this one and L you owe me a movie.


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L said...

Game on cowboy!....come get the tickets pasted on my body and i will give you a show you will die to watch all over a again :)
move over ex-girlfriend here comes 'Superslut'......hehehe