Thursday, January 04, 2007

2 kinds of lunch

During my time with Jnr we go for lunch just the 2 of us and we go for lunch a lot.

Here is 2 kinds of lunch at a simple home cooked at No 5 place and having chikuteh


Then you got your home cooked meal mmmmm yum yum simple small tasty and both of us wallop it


Anonymous said...

dun care what u ate during holiday..but m really obsessed with Jr


darthvadai said...

wei back to work!!!

I not putting Jnr vadai pic here for your ogling, it for my diary la

Svejjen said...

now I wan to have Chi Kut Teh...


*hungry hungry*

I think that back injury is linked to the damn stomach nerves... seem to be hungry all the time