Sunday, January 07, 2007

Kops Down

The most dejecting event from this weekend has been the Kops going down to the Gunners 3-1. I mean like they dominated the game and out of the FA cup. I mean like everytime there is a up swing in the moment somethign like this comes along.

I really hope they win something this year


Svejjen said...

Isn't it always?


Liverpool has in recent history always begged to deliver, and fails when you don't expect them to, but succeed when you least expect them to.


Eg.: Losing to the Arses at the Kop? Winning the CC in 2005?

Two totally different highs and lows.

Love them or hate them... If you're a fan, you just live with it... that's why we're Liverpool Fanatics

darthvadai said...

Kop end to the core